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Welcome to Videosly!
Sam Bakker here along with my business partner Karthik to share 
even MORE ways you can profit with the software.
This platform is going to give you a massive head start in creating videos that drive more traffic, qualified leads and buyers to your offers.
So just before you jump in, we’ve got a special one-time invitation for you as a new customer.
Double Your Profits With Videosly PRO
Beta testers consistently saw massive gains in traffic & conversions 
from the videos they made with the software …
Meaning TWICE the traffic & profit potential from your own campaigns … And TWICE the amount of videos you can sell to clients … we’ll let you do the math.
And many asked if there was a way to create even more. So here’s your chance to make DOUBLE the amount of videos every month. If you got the starter package, you’ll now be able to make 30 videos per month. If you chose the agency or premium package … you can now create 60 videos every single month.
Meaning TWICE the traffic & profit potential from your own campaigns … And TWICE the amount of videos you can sell to clients … we’ll let you do the math.
The World Of Online Video
Is Now Your PERSONAL Library
The biggest ‘sticking point’ for making videos is finding or
creating content. PRO solves that problem forever.
Because now you can add EXTERNAL videos via url to your dashboard.

Leverage any online video for your own purposes … And NEVER run out of video content again!
Let that sink in for a second. Any online video. Yours to modify as you see fit. Take the best of the best … make it yours … by copy & pasting a url.
Advanced Editing For 100% Unique Content Search Engines Love
It’s never a good idea to simply reuse someone else’s video … for obvious reasons. But when you REPURPOSE existing videos … you create unique content and that’s something search engines reward. PRO’s advanced editor lets you do just that:
WITHOUT having to create ANY content yourself!
The advanced editor ALSO lets you repurpose you OWN videos for new projects. Simply upload a video from your local computer … And quickly create custom clips to use in new campaigns.
Crush The Competition With Powerful Branding & Closing Elements
Hubspot reports that 80% of viewers remember a video they’ve
seen in the last month … make sure they remember YOU.
PRO lets you include logo & image watermarks that permanently display across your videos anywhere you want …
AND add powerful call-to-action outros to increase brand awareness & conversions.
MAXIMIZE Conversions With On-Site Video
Nothing boosts conversions faster than video on your own sites. Up to an 80% increase in lead conversions with video on landing pages … And visitors spend on average 2.6X MORE time on pages with video … meaning lower bounce rates, higher search rankings, and increased conversions.
Videosly PRO includes a web-based video player so you can embed your videos on ANY of your sites. Lead pages, sales pages, eCom stores, review sites … drive higher conversions to ALL your web assets with this powerful feature.
Sell More With The Sound Of Your Own Music
Audio plays a huge part in video engagement & influencing the actions of your audience. With PRO, you can add unlimited variety by uploading your own music from ANY source. Set the right mood with the right track, and watch your conversions climb even higher.
ALL Future Updates & Upgrades Included
Videosly has been built from the ground up from the most cutting-edge technology … and has become our video platform of choice. It’s here to stay. So we’ll be regularly updating the software and even releasing completely upgraded versions … 
Your PRO license INCLUDES access to ALL future
updates and versions for no extra charge. 
Meaning you’ll always stay ahead of the curve & enjoy the very latest video creation technology when you go PRO today.
Videosly PRO: Easier Just Got Better
The advanced features & functionality of PRO are built to drive you higher profits … and they’re JUST as plug & play simple as using the core software. No extra learning curve or skills required … they perform as promised with point & click ease right out of the box.
The ONLY difference is to YOUR
bottom line profits:
Create DOUBLE the videos per month for up to 2X higher profits
Leverage ANY online video for unlimited content & inspiration
Effortlessly create custom clips from both online videos and your own: mix & match for unlimited variety
Drive higher conversions, brand awareness & long term customer loyalty
So Here’s The Catch
We plan on releasing the PRO version of Videosly as a standalone product shortly after this launch - for a MINIMUM of $297 or $67 each month
As a new Videosly customer, you’re being invited to upgrade to the pro version for a highly discounted, one-time fee
The catch? This unique invitation only
lasts while this page is open.
By joining Videosly you’ve proven you’re ready to exploit online video for profit. So let’s work together to MAXIMIZE those profits. We’ve designed PRO to take your profits to the next level.
  • Doubling your monthly traffic & profits while selling even MORE videos to clients
  • Leveraging content from ANY online video for your personal campaigns
  • Effortlessly editing your own video content for use in new projects
  • Improving brand awareness & long term customer retention
  • Boosting conversions on your own sites & from EVERY video you create
  • Quickly driving more traffic with automated voiceovers
  • Adding unlimited variety by including your own background audio
  • Tapping into the traffic & conversion power of video for ALL your promotions & websites
Videosly PRO Makes All This
And More A Reality
Closing Down Sunday 11:59pm EST
  • Drag & Drop Editing Interface
  • Frame Editing
  • Add Branding & Watermarks
  • Capture Leads Within
    Web Videos
  • Store 60 Videos At A time
  • Add External Videos via URL
  • Embeddable Videos For Your Website
  • Access To All Future Updates
    & Versions
Videosly PRO
No Risk. Huge Reward.
Videosly PRO includes our ironclad 30 day money-back guarantee.
You’re thrilled, or your money back. All we ask is that you give it a fair chance …
because the profits are there for the taking when you apply these upgrades. Fair enough?
Thanks for Joining Videosly!
Let us help you take your profits to the next level with this low-cost, 
one-time upgrade. We’ll do everything possible to ensure YOUR results.

Thanks for watching … looking forward to seeing you on the inside.
Sam Bakker
Karthik Ramani
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