On the 9th of May at 10am EST we’re
going to run a one time webinar…
…this webinar is going to increase scarcity and
anticipation for the launch of Videosly.
Here’s why you’ll want to pre-mail it:
1. Both Karthik & I are mailing raw links

2. You’ll have the best chance of making
the most money early

3. Leads Will Be Cookied & Hard Coded

This means that anyone you send who
registers for the webinar will be marketed
to by us with your affiliate link.

We use Ontraport & some codes etc to do this.

4. $1000+ Giveaway (iPad & 10 Copies Of Videosly)

On the webinar to encourage your
subscribers to jump on live
we'll be giving away $1000
in prizes.

5. You’ll Get A Head-start In The Contest
If you’d like to pre-mail this webinar you can download our
swipes package here that includes angles
& suggested timeline for mailing:
Grab The Registration Link Here For the
Pre-Launch Webinar To Send To Your Customersr
We look forward to seeing you on the webinar
Sam Bakker
Karthik Ramani
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